Monday, 25 June 2012

How you can top up mobile credit online with Fonmoney in Romania

In my earlier post, I discussed the different mobile network providers in Romania and the prepaid (pay-as-you-go) plans they offer. As I did my research I found it quite intriguing, that nowadays it is possible to top up airtime and credit on your prepaid phone and pay-as-you-go plans in Romania online. In this article I want to explore the pros and cons of these online top up sites that operate in Romania.

First of all, I want to explore the reason why anybody would top up credit online in Romania. First of all, some people will do it on the go, meaning they will just top up their prepaid credit with a smartphone, when they notice they are running low on credit or airtime. Second, some people might live in an area, in Romania, where the possibility to top up credit is to far away for it to be convenient or people find it simply more convenient to top up their credit on their prepaid card online at home. Then there are many people who live outside of Romania. They are probably the ones they truly want to use their service to top up credit in Romania online. They will have relatives, friends or spouses who live in Romania. They have the possibility to help out their friends and relatives in Romania with a online top up of credit.
But all that aside, what really counts is fees and availability, when you top up credit online in Romania. Of course there is always a transaction fee when you top up prepaid credit online. The industries standard is between 25% and 50% per online credit top up!

The first one I want to explore is top up credit online with Fonmoney
Fonmoney is the newest player on the market! First thing I noticed, is that they have a really cool and fun designed website and it has a fresh look to it. They make it really easy for the user to top up airtime and credit online. They are also the only ones who allow you to top up credit on your pay-as-you-go plan on all for networks: Orange Romania, Vodafone Romania and Cosmote Romania.
Fonmoney is also charging per credit top up way below its competition! Where others charge up to 50% per online top up, Fonmoney only charges up to 10% per online top up!
On you also very often get bonus credit and extra credit when you top up your Romanian prepaid or pay-as-you-go credit. Also Fonmoney is operated in many different languages, including Romanian, which makes it easy to top up credit online for Romanians. They also accept most common cards and payment methods and others such as paysafe for online credit top ups.

The second one in line is top up credit online with ezetop
They have been online for quite a while. Their site is easy enough to understand and to follow the steps but it’s nothing fancy. Also the site is only featured in 4 languages, not including Romanian, which could make it difficult for some Romanians to top up credit online in Romania. They are also the ones that charge roughly between 25% and 40% per online top up. Rule of thumb here, the more credit you top up the lower the percentage of fees you got to pay per top up of credit.  On ezetop you can only top up your credit or credit for Vodafone Romania and Orange Romania. ezetop will also only let you top up airtime by credit card.

Last but not least: Top up credit online with TransferTo
They have been online for quite a while, too. Their site is probably the most basic out of the three. You can only top up credit in English. It also shows a lot of bugs, when I tried it out and when you type in the wrong phone number there is simply no button to reload the site or go one step back. Just like ezetop you can only top up credit on Vodafone Romania and Orange Romania. They charge you a fee between 25% and 50% per top up of credit in Romania, also depending on the amount you top up.

In conclusion, if you want to top up airtime or credit online to a Romanian prepaid or pay-as-you-go phone, I would have to go with for Romania, since its easy to top up credit online, the site is in Romanian and they charge the lowest fee per online top up of credit.


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