Monday, 25 June 2012

How you can top up mobile credit online with Fonmoney in Romania

In my earlier post, I discussed the different mobile network providers in Romania and the prepaid (pay-as-you-go) plans they offer. As I did my research I found it quite intriguing, that nowadays it is possible to top up airtime and credit on your prepaid phone and pay-as-you-go plans in Romania online. In this article I want to explore the pros and cons of these online top up sites that operate in Romania.

First of all, I want to explore the reason why anybody would top up credit online in Romania. First of all, some people will do it on the go, meaning they will just top up their prepaid credit with a smartphone, when they notice they are running low on credit or airtime. Second, some people might live in an area, in Romania, where the possibility to top up credit is to far away for it to be convenient or people find it simply more convenient to top up their credit on their prepaid card online at home. Then there are many people who live outside of Romania. They are probably the ones they truly want to use their service to top up credit in Romania online. They will have relatives, friends or spouses who live in Romania. They have the possibility to help out their friends and relatives in Romania with a online top up of credit.
But all that aside, what really counts is fees and availability, when you top up credit online in Romania. Of course there is always a transaction fee when you top up prepaid credit online. The industries standard is between 25% and 50% per online credit top up!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Pay-As-You-Go and Prepaid Top Up in Turkey

Turkey is a big country and when you travel there, it is definitely worth getting yourself a pay as you go plan ASAP, otherwise the roaming will cost you a fortune. Even though Turkey is a huge country it only has three big mobile phone providers, but at least they all offer a pay as you go plan (prepaid). Since the carriers are big companies, they make it real easy for you to top up pay as you go, online and offline. And the best part about is that in Turkey, every time you top up your phone, you get a lot of credit for your money. In Turkey the providers seem to offer the credit plan over the credit plan. A rule of thumb is the more you top up, the more credit you will get, hence the unit of credit you top up will become cheaper and cheaper, the more you pay. So it's pretty much the same, as a top up of credit online in Romania.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Smartphone + Prepaid Feasible In Romania?

inexpensive vs expensive
So how about using a Smartphone with a prepaid or pay-as-you-go plan in Romania? Most of mobile network providers around the world are trying to lure their customers into getting the newest and most desirable smartphone combined with a not so cheap contract, which binds the customer to the company for a long period of time!
In this article, I want to show you, that you have other options, with todays focus on Romania. If you don’t set yourself the standard of always having the newest phone but instead just wanting something that does the job and doesn’t cost you a fortune, there are some quite cool offers out there!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Pay-As-You-Go and Prepaid Top Up in Romania

Here you can find out where and how to top up your romanian sim
Prepaid in romania is an own science!
If you have ever been travelling in Eastern Europe, you might have noticed that the roaming fees are killing your cashflow or provide an ugly surprise when you return, just because you didn’t get yourself a pay as you go sim card. Luckily enough, Romania offers you a wide range of pay as you go plans by different operators with multiple ways to charge your credit off and online, making it really easy to top up at your convenience. In most cases, every time you top up in Romania, you even get a bonus paid in airtime (free calling minutes) or even extra charge of mobile credit when you recharge your pay as you go plan.